Ambient Temperature To charge: 32°F ~ 104°F (50°F ~ 86°F recommended)To discharge: -4°F ~ 113°F (50°F ~ 104°F recommended)To store: -4°F ~ 122°F (less than 1 month)
Battery Protection Over charge, Over discharge, Over current, Thermal protection
Capacity 49Wh (14.5V/ 3.3Ah)
D-Tap 35W each
End Voltage 11V
Max Discharge Current 7.2A ‡
Max Output Voltage 16.8V DC
Nominal Voltage 14.5V DC
USB-C In/Out PD30W
Weight 0.84 lbs
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Price: $175.00
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IMICRO-50P 49Wh High-Load Li-Ion V-Mount Battery w/ USB-C PD & D-Tap


The IMICRO-50P is the smallest battery pack in the world at this capacity. Rated at 49Wh, the IMICRO-50P meets the passenger aircraft carry-on limit while remaining useful in many diverse applications. The IMICRO™s size is beneficial for users with small equipment and gimbal set ups, and fits the new RED V-RAPTOR. The IMICRO-50P also includes one USB-C PD and one D-Tap outputs, V-Torch LED for use in dark environments and digital communications to display battery info via viewfinder on cameras such as ARRI and RED. Future accessories will make the Imicro Series your new go-to setup.
*Compatible with UC-PD1 and UC-PD2 for USB-C PD charging

Why We IDX Believe in USB PD

Future Potential And Advantage Of The USB PD Standard

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