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For items purchased outside of North & South America, please refer to the repair services page corresponding with your local region:
Europe, Africa
Middle East, Asia

For items purchased inside of North & South America, please request for a Return Merchandise Authorization by filling out the,

If goods are shipped to us without this number, they may be refused. All shipments to our facility should be on a freight prepaid basis and fully insured by the buyer. If it is determined that warranty repair applies then the product will be shipped back by UPS Ground to the buyer at IDX’s expense. If any other method of shipment is requested then IDX reserves the right to charge for the difference. If the buyer wishes to return goods for any other reason, they should contact their place of purchase.

Print this label in color and attach to your shipping package if you are sending batteries. (Do not scale or resize the image)

A $30.00 evaluation fee will apply to each non-warranty model that is sent to IDX for service and/or repair. The fee will cover the following:

  • Batteries:
    Evaluation, reconditioning, data extraction and refreshing (when applicable).
  • Chargers/Power Supplies/Accessories:
    Evaluation, physical review and diagnostic analysis prior to actual repair. The $30.00 evaluation fee will be waived if the charger/power supply needs to be serviced and has been approved for repair. If evaluated units are determined to be in need of repair and the customer declines to have the product serviced, the charge for the evaluation performed will still apply.

Approved repairs on out-of-warranty items will be charged at a rate of $50.00 per half-hour of labor plus cost of parts. For information regarding our warranty policy, please click on the link below:

View Warranty Information


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