Ambient Temperature To charge: 32°F ~ 104°F (50°F ~ 86°F recommended)
To discharge: -4°F ~ 113°F (50°F ~ 104°F recommended)
To store: -4°F ~ 122°F (one month)
Battery Protection Over charge
Over discharge
Over current
Capacity 286Wh (14.4V/19.8Ah)
D-Tap 100W each
End Voltage 11V
Max Discharge Current 14A ‡
Max Output Voltage 16.8V DC
Nominal Voltage 14.4V DC
Width 3.82"
Height 5.75"
Depth 3.11"
Weight 3.64 lbs
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Price: $599.00
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(286Wh High-Load Li-Ion V-Mount Battery w 1x D-Tap)

With nearly 300Wh of capacity, the CUE-D300 battery contains the most watt hours we’ve ever put into a single battery. Its impressive performance is perfect for use with high-draw lights, power-hungry cameras, and suitable for all types of productions. Like all prior CUE series batteries, the CUE-D300 comes standard with 1x D-Tap output. On this model it is rated at 100W max to power 12V accessories taking a high load. You won’t find yourself short on power with our CUE-D300.

*Not compatible with D-Tap charging

LED Light Run Time Test (Aputure LS C120d II)
Brightness: 100% 80% 70%
CUE-D300 (h:mm) 1:15 3:20 5:10


Operation Manual

Known Issues (Timeout Error When Charging)