Passenger Aircraft - Check-in & Carry-on Baggage

  • Please confirm with your airline carrier to determine any local rules and policies before traveling.
  • Please do not use PowerLink (batteries linked together) during transportation of equipment.
  • Equipment must be a personal electronic and/or mobile device only
  • ENDURA ELITE contains two removable PC-14 power cartridges rated at 68Wh each. Its design allows simple removal of one cartridge from the battery casing prior to transport. Pack safely and re-install the cartridge after travel.

Spare batteries must be safely transported and individually protected to prevent short circuiting. Place the battery in the original packaging, plastic bag or protective pouch-packaging that completely encloses the battery. Exposed terminals must be covered with tape or a protective cover. Passengers cannot check-in any spare batteries regardless of the battery watt-hour (Wh) rating.