The IPL Series PowerLink batteries are the newest stackable v-mount solutions for digital cinema cameras where infinite runtimes are required. Up to four can be linked together with hot swap capability. With 96Wh & 143Wh capacities, the IPL-98 & IPL-150 are both high-load batteries that meet the passenger aircraft carry-on limit. The IPL Series also includes two 80W D-Taps and one USB output to power additional items. Equipped with a V-Torch LED light, this standard feature makes the IPL batteries easy to mount in dark environments. Accurate power levels are displayed in 10% increments via a 5 LED power indicator.


Like the popular E-HL9, the IPL Series batteries can be linked and used as a larger capacity battery. PowerLink allows up to four IPL-98/ IPL-150 batteries to be linked via V-Mount. This feature also allows the last battery linked to be another IDX brand V-Mount battery, which is convenient for those who already own our products.
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With the ability to mount multiple batteries, users can create a customizable capacity fitted to their needs. With the right battery combination, it is possible to get up to 715Wh! Power is drawn from the last battery mounted allowing for 24-hour filming through convenient hot swapping.


The PowerLink technology also allows up to four IDX batteries to be stacked and will charge two batteries simultaneously with the VL-2000S dual charger. Charging will commence with the furthest battery from each port.
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