Ambient Temperature To charge: 32°F ~ 104°F (50°F ~ 86°F recommended)To discharge: -4°F ~ 113°F (50°F ~ 104°F recommended)To store: -4°F ~ 104°F
Battery Protection Over charge, Over discharge, Over current, Thermal protection
Capacity 96Wh (14.4V/ 6.6Ah)
D-Tap 50W each
D-Tap Advanced Compatible only with IDX VL-DT1 charger
End Voltage 11V
Included Accessories Terminal cover
Max Discharge Current 4.6A ( total of main connector and d-taps ) ‡
Max Output Voltage 16.8V DC
Nominal Voltage 14.4V DC
Weight 1.26 lbs


Price: $223.00

96Wh Li-Ion NP-Style Battery w 2x D-Tap


NP-9X is the successor of the NP-L7S, the industry standard NP-style battery for powering audio equipment. It now features more capacity at 96Wh, two D-Tap outputs for powering additional accessories, and also a 5 LED power indicator to display remaining capacity in 10% increments. One of the D-Tap port is a D-Tap Advanced, which can also be used to charge the battery with the IDX VL-DT1 D-Tap charger. NP-9X is still compatible with all current accessories and chargers like the JL-2PLUS.

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