NEWS LETTER - IDX-tra: February 2023

NEWS LETTER - IDX-tra: February 2023

Posted by Don Mainardi on 8th Feb 2023

Ever wonder how long it takes to charge a battery?

The answer, as is the case many times, is "it depends". Contributing factors are the maximum capacity of the battery, how much it was drained, plus the amperage of the charger and how many channels of the chargers are occupied for charging. But for purposes of simplicity, IDX has a charge time chart on the website. With the various combinations, it is a matrix.

How long with this battery run my camera? This, too, is a little complex.

If it is only the camera, that is a little easier. The arithmetic is to divide the power consumption (found in the camera operating instructions expressed in watts) into the capacity of the battery, expressed in Wh. To use easy math, a 90Wh battery used with a camera that consumes 20 watts will last about four and a half hours. The "wild card" is that we have D-Taps and USB ports on batteries nowadays. If accessories are drawing power from the battery, the power consumption of those devices must be considered in the formula. Another consideration is the current delivery to each. That is why modern batteries have had to have increased values of maximum draw, in amps. That is why the four or five power remaining indicator LED's or viewfinder data is essential.

This just in!

Regular readers of IDX-tra know that we do not use this platform to "push" IDX products, but we strive to offer information that we hope you find useful in your professional life. but this does help you in your budget considerations. IDX has gone against market trends recently by reducing prices on various popular products. They include low-end brick CUE-H Series, Three-Stud replacement ZEN Series, small format Imicro Series and ALPHA-I ND filter Series. This covers several applications and we hope this helps in these difficult financial times. Check the IDX site or your Authorized IDX dealer of choice.


IDX is offering gently used demonstration equipment, while supplies last, at a discount. This is another opportunity to add quality products to your gear at a great value. We are frequently asked about B-Stock availability and now is the time to take advantage of good deals! visit our website for details.