NEWS LETTER - IDX-tra: April 2023

NEWS LETTER - IDX-tra: April 2023

Posted by Don Mainardi on 5th Apr 2023


If you are a regular reader of the IDX-tra, either by email blast, social media post, or on the IDX website News section, you know that we reserve this space for information of hints or tips which are applications related. We don't want to make this a platform for promoting IDX products. However, NAB is coming soon, and we wanted to deviate from that policy to announce this NABH Special offer.

April has arrived along with the usual seasonal highlights, such as Passover, Easter, and, of course, NAB. It is traditional for IDX to offer a promotion and this year is no exception. This year we are offering a trade-in promotion. Here is the simple process to participate. Send any V-Mount or Three Stud battery, any brand, any chemistry, any condition to:

IDX Service Department Attn: Recycle 24422 South Main Street, #502 Carson, CA 90745

Once we record the return and your contact information, we will evaluate the trade-in and send a numbered voucher to you by email. That will entitle you, our valued customer, to purchase any ZEN Series battery or kit (ZEN-C98G, ZEN-C150G, ZC-2C98G, or ZC-2C150G) with a 15% discount from the MAP price, either from an IDX Authorized Dealer or the IDX website. One numbered voucher will be issued for every battery traded to IDX. Each voucher number may be applied to a ZEN Series purchase, one for one.

This is effective immediately and will run until June 30, 2023. This is a way to protect our planet by allowing IDX to dispose of these batteries in an environmentally responsible manner. You will also save money on a Three Stud replacement battery which will work with your existing charger, and offer power taps. A great value.

Please contact IDX with any questions.

As always, we invite comments and suggestions for possible future topics. Use the same address as above.


IDX is offering gently used demonstration equipment, while supplies last, at a discount. This is another opportunity to add quality products to your gear at a great value. We are frequently asked about B-Stock availability and now is the time to take advantage of good deals! visit our website for details.