Cargo Transportation - Ground Cargo

Ground Service
  Batteries only Packed with Equipment Contained on Equipment
NP-L7S Yes, can be shipped as batteries only Yes, can be shipped when packed with equipment Yes, can be shipped attached to equipment
CUE-D75, CUE-D95, CUE-D150
DUO-95, DUO-150
Requirements Up to 66 lbs (30kgs) per box
Required labels -All Batteries
-Li-ion Forbidden Label (for batteries over 100Wh)
-Class 9 Hazard (for batteries over 100Wh)
Required document Not required


** The box weight includes packed equipment and all carton and packing materials.

  • Please confirm with your carrier to determine any local rules and policies before shipping.
  • Please do not use PowerLink (batteries linked together) during transportation of equipment.
  • Spare batteries must be individually protected to prevent short circuiting.

Lithium Ion battery transportation regulations exist for the safety purposes. IDX takes pride in manufacturing Lithium Ion batteries that are safe to carry on aircrafts and transport by air. We strongly encourage our customers to follow the IATA/DOT rules; if you need further clarification regarding the new transport mandates, please feel free to contact us.
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