Product Features

Compatibility: Sony PXW-FX9
Output Connectors: (1) DC Plug
(2) D-Tap
DC Plug: Output rating: 19.5V (40W max)
Outer diameter: 6.5mm
Inner diameter: 4.3mm
Pin diameter: 1.4mm
L-shaped type
D-Tap: Battery through voltage, 80W max
Alarm LED: Lights red when the battery level is 13.4V~11.5V
Ambient Temperature: Discharge: -20C~40C (10C~40C recommended)
Weight 0.88 lbs


Price: $314.00
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V-Mount Adapter for Sony PXW-FX9


The A-DCFX9 is a V-Mount adapter specifically designed for the Sony PXW-FX9. It converts the attached battery to the camera required 19.5V and supplies power via the DC input. By using it in combination with a small battery like the Imicro series, you can build a small and lightweight system that has a sense of unity with the camera. Also equipped with 2x D-Tap and an Alarm LED to alert battery level.

Run Time with Imicro Series (FX9 on stand-by)
Battery:Run Time(h:mm)


Operation Manual