Recycle Rebate NAB 2023 Program

It is traditional for IDX to offer a promotion and this year IDX is offering a trade-in program.  Here is the simple process to participate.  Send any V-Mount or Three Stud battery, any brand, any chemistry, any condition to:

IDX Service Department
Attn: Recycle
24422 South Main Street, #502
Carson CA  90745

Once we record the return and your contact information, we will evaluate the trade-in and send a numbered voucher to you by email.  That will entitle you, our valued customer, to purchase any ZEN Series battery (ZEN-C98G or ZEN-C150G) or  kit (ZC-2C98G or ZC-2C150G) with a 15% discount from the MAP price, either from an IDX Authorized Dealer or the IDX website.  One numbered voucher will be issued for every battery traded.

* Customers will be responsible for shipping

* Program end on June 30th, 2023

Sign up for the Rebate Program here