ALPHA-I Full Spectrum ND Filter System

IDX's Original Neutral Density Filters

With a newly developed formula that protects the material inside and out, ALPHA-I delivers the highest grade of filters for color control.
Made for film professionals and enthusiasts, these filters provide zero color shift and color neutrality. Post-production color correction efforts will be heavily reduced.
ZERO Color Shift. ZERO Color Correction.

Available in 7 standard densities of 4.0 x 5.65" sized filters.


Newly developed formula by IDX protects the quality throughout.
Special manufacturing processes allow each ALPHA-I filter to have multi-layered protection inside and out, delivering a more scratch-resistant and durable product.

Color Consistency

For productions that require multiple cameras on set, keeping the color quality performance consistent from camera to camera is very important. ALPHA-I will not shift colors from filter to filter. This consistency remains true even when stacking filters.


Our special ND formula has the perfect material combination needed to achieve the flat neutral response in every color value. Not just the visual spectrum, but our focus was equally on the near IR and the infrared as well which led to the formula of the ALPHA-I ND substance.

Transmission Graph

Graph shows how each ALPHA-I filter responds to wavelengths within the light spectrum. Visual light range is about 380-740nm, and 740-1,000nm is considered infrared (IR) light. ALPHA-I filters attenuate light evenly across the spectrum to achieve ZERO colorshifting for each density.