The new PowerLink technology in the IPL Series is further advanced than the previous PowerLink models such as the E-HL9. These previous models linked (2) two batteries max and they worked as one bigger capacity battery (drawing power equally from both).
But the new technology allows the IPL Series to link up to (4) four batteries with the last battery mounted being any other IDX V-Mount batteries (except Imicro-98/Imicro-150), which is convenient for those who already own IDX products. With the right IDX battery combination, it is possible to get up to 715Wh!

Last battery linked can also be other IDX V-mount batteries such as the DUO/CUE series (*except Imicro-98/Imicro150).

Communication between batteries are important for the new PowerLink technology. Analog batteries will function slightly differently.

IPL Series will also draw power from the last battery mounted allowing for 24 hour filming through convenient hot swapping. The linked batteries constantly communicates with each other and shares capacity information allowing the next battery in line to be ready to take over. (Analog batteries will function slightly differently than the Digital batteries due to the lack of communication with the IPL Series batteries).

* When linked with a digital battery, the rear battery will respond to the power draw slightly different than as if the battery was used by itself. This might affect users trying to utilize the IPL Series to function as a battery backup to assist in endless battery swapping. *

A newly designed Release Lever is also equipped on the IPL Series. The safety lock mechanism prevents the unintentional push of the release lever which could cause the batteries to separate accidentally. When the batteries are correctly connected/disconnected, the indicator LEDs will flash.

When connected, indicator LED will blink once for Analog and twice for Digital battery. Accidental separation will not occur with the newly designed Release Lever.