The IPL Series batteries are compatible with all IDX Endura chargers.

However, to take advantage of the new PowerLink technology of stack charging, the VL-2000S charger will be needed. (Firmware update may be needed)

Up to (4) four batteries can be stacked on each port of the VL-2000S for a total of (8) eight batteries of unattended charging.

The top most battery will charge first and will automatically move down to the next battery when charge is complete. This applies to both ports on the VL-2000S charger. Also, the top most battery can be other IDX V-mount batteries like the DUO series and the CUE series. (Non-IDX brand batteries are not recommended)

Stacked batteries are charged sequentially from top down

5 step display while charging

Power Indicator LED will show which stacked IPL is currently being charged.
If a battery being charged is removed, charging will automatically start on the next top most battery on the stack. And if batteries are added at any point, charging will automatically switch to the top most battery of the stack.
When all attached batteries are fully charged, the charge indicator on the VL-2000S will turn green.