NEWS LETTER - IDX-tra: November 2022


During the worst of the recent pandemic, we encountered many people reporting that they were surprised when they went back to work. Their battery inventory was depleted due to some discharging sitting dormant on the shelf. If cycled by usage discharging and recharging, the batteries stay fresh. But after several months of no usage, the cells slowly but surely discharged until they reached a point that would not allow them to take a charge. This is science and even IDX batteries will be affected in this way.  

As the year winds down so do business opportunities. The rule of thumb is that batteries will retain the charge while inactive for about three to four months  So with the year-end holiday season coming, if you are using fewer batteries, you can keep them operational simply by placing them on a charger and getting them back to capacity. One benefit of Lithium-Ion batteries is that there is no false ceiling and even if discharged a small amount, recharging them will not be a problem, but rather a solution.


Now that we have returned from the last trade show of 2022, NAB New York, IDX will be taking this opportunity to evaluate our B Stock and offer them to our loyal end users.  As you know, we use our demo gear only for shows and end user testing.  Current models  (and maybe some discontinued or specialty items)  with very low mileage.  We will check them carefully, assign pricing and warranty and put them on our website for sale to you.  This is an opportunity for you to get a good value on IDX products.   So please check the IDX website,, in the next few weeks and pick up some items you may need at a good price.  This will be first come, first sold, so if you see something, grab it! 


Thank you everyone for your continued support. We enjoyed seeing you at the Javits Center! Remember to stay informed on our latest product launches.