NEWS LETTER - IDX-tra: December 2022


Thank you for your continued support in 2022.  Everyone here at IDX looks forward to another food year in 2023.  We wish you and yours a very safe and happy holiday season and a Happy 2023! 


FAQ Department

A question we often get is "Can I use a charger from Company A to charge a battery from Company B?".  The short answer is "Yes, but....".  The "but" is not that we want to sell you "our" charger for "our battery.  The "but" is really that there is more going on than the transfer of electrons going on.  There is communication between the chip in the battery and the electronics in the charger.  That is how the charger knows when to stop charging because the battery tells the charger it is at capacity.  Any unclear information transfer between the two can cause anomalies, such as the charger thinking the battery is full when it is not.  IDX, and all of our competitors, can only guarantee that each of our batteries will work best with our chargers because we design and test or that.   



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